Significado de headquarter en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈhɛdkwɔːtə/


with object and adverbial of place
  • Have headquarters at a specified location.

    ‘Unesco is headquartered in Paris’
    • ‘For example, the European Union is headquartered in Brussels.’
    • ‘Sharman Networks is headquartered in Australia and incorporated in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.’
    • ‘They're on their way to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is headquartered in Austria.’
    • ‘West Limerick Community Radio will be headquartered in Newcastle West, in a building owned by Shannon Development.’
    • ‘Rock the Vote is headquartered in Los Angeles with an office in Washington, D.C.’
    • ‘Ultimately it's a decision for News Corporation as to where they're headquartered.’
    • ‘It is now headquartered in Amsterdam, thanks to a million-dollar award from the Dutch government and the City of Amsterdam’
    • ‘Many of them are headquartered in the Shapingba District, where higher education institutions are concentrated.’
    • ‘IAP is presently headquartered in a nondescript strip shopping mall in Richardson, Texas.’
    • ‘That is where the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority is headquartered.’
    • ‘Celebrating its 150th anniversary, the Company is headquartered in Rochester, New York.’
    • ‘The paper is likely to be headquartered in Edinburgh.’
    • ‘Hardie's has actually been headquartered in the tax-friendly Netherlands since 1996.’
    • ‘The station will be headquartered in Newcastle West and will be the biggest licensed community radio station in the country.’
    • ‘There you can learn how it came to be that the Catholic Church is headquartered in a small town in the Pacific Northwest.’
    • ‘I learned that while we're here in New York, my department is headquartered in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The company is headquartered in Cashel but has a manufacturing facility in Newbridge, Co Kildare.’
    • ‘A company which is headquartered in Basingstoke has the technology to stamp out the killer superbug MRSA.’
    • ‘Its European calling card business has been headquartered in Dublin since February 2000.’
    • ‘The principal business houses are headquartered in the city, even though many have moved to malls on its periphery.’