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Pronunciation /hɛdˈkwɔːtəz/

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  • 1The premises occupied by a military commander and the commander's staff.

    ‘Its main generating unit was the staff headquarters of the Red Army's Rear Services.’
    • ‘We received initial guidance from our higher headquarters and our commanding general.’
    • ‘Their military headquarters were located at the Hotel Regina in Paris.’
    • ‘Most of the staff at the US military headquarters were evacuated after the crash.’
    • ‘Even its military headquarters - the Pentagon - wanted to be an architectural wonder.’
    • ‘They were to get behind enemy lines and act as scouts and gather intelligence to feed back to British military headquarters.’
    • ‘A mortar attack on the US military's nearby headquarters forced the reporter to withdraw.’
    • ‘After the massacre in the church, Mouzinho and her family fled to the local military headquarters.’
    • ‘He was accompanied by Col. Geerhan Lantara, of the Teuku Umar military headquarters in Aceh.’
    • ‘He secured a first order of 20,000 cars from British military headquarters in Hanover.’
    • ‘I reported to corps headquarters that my regiment had moved and was in its forward positions.’
    • ‘Air strikes against militant training bases or headquarters in Pakistan have been ruled out.’
    • ‘The recruiting battalion headquarters were the second and third to open in Afghanistan.’
    • ‘Instead, he was placed in the specially created position of Deputy Chief of Staff at naval headquarters.’
    • ‘Additionally, the battalion staff was able to operate from its own headquarters.’
    • ‘At the end of the session, he dismissed the men, then went to the troop headquarters and washed his face.’
    • ‘It will allow digital communication from headquarters to soldiers in the field.’
    • ‘The British military occupies the town hall as a headquarters.’
    • ‘I think the enemy thought we were just another element, not a brigade headquarters.’
    • ‘Similar scenes were observed at Nato headquarters across town.’
    head office, main office, HQ, base, nerve centre, mission control
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    1. 1.1The premises serving as the managerial and administrative centre of an organization.
      ‘its national headquarters are in Florida’
      • ‘The tigers had to be moved more than 400 kilometres from the site to the headquarters of the centre.’
      • ‘Which two trans national organisations have their headquarters in Brussels?’
      • ‘The national headquarters is based at York University with a regional centre at Sheffield Hallam University.’
      • ‘About 95 per cent of the activity in headquarters is administrative so the new site is going to be of great value.’
      • ‘It will only be an administrative headquarters so how it will bring theatre to the heart of disadvantaged areas, is none too clear.’
      • ‘The EU used its right to block the request made at the trade organization's headquarters in Geneva.’
      • ‘The Mayo Adult Education Guidance Service has its headquarters at the Centre.’
      • ‘It was the council administrative headquarters and the police station.’
      • ‘Slough is set to remain the administrative headquarters of Mars Europe.’
      • ‘It has helped to fund things like Twin Valley's new canalside headquarters in Blackburn town centre.’
      • ‘Virginia was also the site of the national headquarters of the Moral Majority.’
      • ‘San Francisco, California, is the home of the First Church of Satan and headquarters for that organization.’
      • ‘It should certainly have administrative headquarters worthy of the sobriquet.’
      • ‘The diffuse character of the shire made it difficult to agree on a suitable administrative headquarters.’
      • ‘The company will have its corporate headquarters and a data centre at the business park.’
      • ‘On a hill overlooking the town is the former Nottinghamshire headquarters of the National Union of Mineworkers.’
      • ‘The vote has been ratified by the county committee, and will need to be rubber stamped by national headquarters in London.’
      • ‘Representatives at the national headquarters in New York could not be reached for comment.’
      • ‘It is also the national headquarters of the Friends of the Trabant UK Club.’
      • ‘This is how the new headquarters of the National Trust is shaping up.’
      head office, main office, HQ, base, nerve centre, mission control
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