Meaning of headspace in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛdspeɪs/


mass noun
  • 1The air or empty space left above the contents in a sealed container.

    ‘pour the hot chutney into the jars, leaving 5 mm headspace’
    • ‘They have patented an interface for APCI-MS that uses a venturi pump to sample air from the nose, mouth or headspace above a food.’
    • ‘Samples of headspace gas were taken periodically and evaluated for CFC content by GC.’
    • ‘The size of the glass is another chief consideration - there has to be enough headspace for the aroma to develop.’
    • ‘For high-acid foods, jars should be filled to within half an inch of the top of the jar; low-acid foods call for one inch of headspace.’
    • ‘Pour the jelly into hot jars, leaving a ¼-inch (6 mm) headspace.’
    • ‘Pack the boiling-hot relish into hot, clean pint jars, leaving 1 / 4 inch of headspace.’
    • ‘The partial pressure of CO2 in the headspace of the keg acts the same under higher blended pressures.’
    • ‘When filling jars, you must leave headspace since foods will bubble during cooking.’
    • ‘Warm, moist headspace air can activate mold growth, causing grain to crust and seal over.’
  • 2 informal A person's state of mind or mindset.

    • ‘if you're not in the right headspace for this stuff it's going to bore you, no matter how well it's done’
    • ‘Call it New Age bunk, but it is a mental discipline as well - and I do enter quite a different headspace after class.’
    • ‘When I go there, it's simpler to get myself into the appropriate mom-visiting headspace, which is: I do anything she wants.’
    • ‘Here is something I was inspired to write about the US elections, maybe because it was taking up too much of my headspace!’
    • ‘I think she got the [accurate] impression that I was in a totally unreachable headspace, and ended the conversation before she'd really said all she wanted to.’
    • ‘The last week and a half or so has seen me in fairly odd headspace - I've been pursuing a number of work-related leads, talking to substantial numbers of intriguing people and helping out friends with projects large and small.’
    • ‘This is the natural headspace for a pop critic who has made the jump to the bookshelf from the blurb-littered world of book, CD and film reviews in glossy magazines.’
    • ‘That must be why Bynoe, who has penned hundreds of lines of genuine teen angst verse, now has trouble re-entering the angst-y headspace required for this particular type of poetic composition.’
    • ‘The whole experience kind of feels as if you're walking around inside an IMAX movie, which, if one is in the proper headspace, could be a pretty cool thing.’
    • ‘Did he have to hear the song a lot of times before he got into the right headspace to play something?’
    • ‘It was brilliant because what Ross was doing was getting us all in the same headspace.’
    • ‘Whenever she leaves for Canada, she automatically goes into a totally different headspace.’
    • ‘The film is so effective at forcing viewers into Simpson's headspace that it can be painful to watch.’
    • ‘I'm probably not in the best headspace for this film at the moment, given my current state, but I thought it was great.’
    • ‘To get in the right headspace, he started working on tracks at his uptown home, removing himself from downtown rock-scene distractions and choosing isolation over inebriation.’
    • ‘When you break up with someone, you have to get back into the right headspace again where you are happy with yourself and life.’
    • ‘I was in a weird headspace earlier today, and I couldn't even really define it for myself.’
    • ‘She's in a very different headspace than I am, and a different place in her real life, so her perspective isn't theoretical.’
    • ‘I just got back from visiting my relatives over on the west coast, which always leaves me in a weird headspace.’
    1. 2.1Time to think clearly or to be free from mental pressures.
      ‘I really need some headspace just now’
      • ‘There's no peace to concentrate, no physical space to find your headspace in.’
      • ‘It's actually not so bad getting sick since it gives me a little more precious headspace.’
      • ‘You justly resent intrusion into what you consider sacrosanct headspace.’
      • ‘With travelling reduced to a manageable (and much more enjoyable) level, stress levels have decreased, and headspace has been restored.’
      • ‘When we got there, there was a relief to finally get the headspace we needed and we took advantage of it.’
      • ‘James told Hannah that he was headed for the Netherlands for a while to find "personal headspace".’
      • ‘My life is so full of people and conversations and encounters and experiences, I tend to view time alone as an opportunity to reflect, relax, be Meg, enjoy headspace.’
      • ‘My main hope is that I'll give myself enough headspace to get my ideas organised.’
      • ‘It's just a feeling of being constantly in demand, feeling depleted because of that, and perhaps with little to no headspace.’
      • ‘I know I feel a lot more relaxed, and I've caught up on some sleep and headspace, and feel about 1000 better than I did during the week.’
      • ‘There's simply no time or headspace, " he says.’