Meaning of headstock in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛdstɒk/


  • 1A set of bearings in a machine, supporting a revolving part.

    ‘The latest electric bike does look quite spiffy, with a mountain bike chassis and a large battery which drops into the downtube from the headstock.’
    • ‘Lift the front of the bike up so the front wheel is off the ground and check there is not excessive play in the headstock.’
    • ‘The ladder arms are brought together at the front and angled up to become the headstock for the motorcycle forks, which are kept at a more vertical angle to allow for the extremely sharp turns.’
    • ‘Securing a standard velocity Long Rifle cartridge in the headstock, we drilled a hollowpoint with a center drill driven in from the tailstock.’
    • ‘They are located on either side of the headstock.’
  • 2The widened piece at the end of the neck of a guitar, to which the tuning pegs are fixed.

    ‘Tonal vomit choked out of guitar headstocks, shrieks were speared and tossed - fish fished for and forgotten in retreat.’
    • ‘Evil Jared lit up a small torch on his guitar's headstock while marching like a goose-stepping Nazi soldier.’
    • ‘Fretless electric basses were introduced in 1966 by Ampeg, and ‘headless’ models, with the headstock removed and tuners set in the body, were introduced in 1979 by Ned Steinberger.’
    • ‘Later on at the same show I smashed my guitar and the neck broke, but the headstock was still attached with the strings so when I picked up the body to throw against the wall it came flying by and smashed me in the back of the head.’
    • ‘When I finally got the parts, he told me that when I change the tuning pegs, there will be extra holes on the headstock.’
    • ‘Then I took a speaker coil, mounted a magnet to the back of the headstock and drove the coil with a really high-ohm/watt output amp so that the speaker would actually drive the body of the guitar.’
    • ‘Liz walked on inconspicuously until the headstocks of two B.C. Rich guitars closed in front of her.’
    • ‘He pulled his guitar up further and she saw the name on the headstock.’
    • ‘It's infamous for looking like a cross between a ‘Les Paul’ but with a headstock similar to a Strat.’
    • ‘I snapped a key of my CASIO trying to play it with the headstock of my bass.’
    • ‘By the way, trainspotters, I noticed that Kramer's Fender Strat was a non-tremolo model but bizarrely had the legend ‘With Synchronized Tremolo’ on the headstock!’
    • ‘I don't know why, but I just didn't like the look of a dark brown rosewood fretboard with a pale wood headstock (that's the very top bit).’
    • ‘Following them was the source of the music, a man perched in the back of a pickup truck, surrounded by children, playing what appeared to be an electric double-ukulele that had what looked like a large flame carved onto the headstock.’
    • ‘Having said that, I do have a Strat that I made from parts, but I put a left-handed Explorer style neck on it, so it looks really funky with this weird upside-down hockey-stick headstock.’
  • 3The horizontal end member of the underframe of a railway vehicle.