Meaning of headward in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛdwəd/


  • 1In the region or direction of the head.

    • ‘Odd neuron numbers respond to headwards displacements and even numbers to tailwards displacements.’
    1. 1.1Geology Denoting erosion by a stream or river occurring progressively upstream from the original source.
      ‘During the Miocene the shelf was intermittently emergent, and the submarine canyons were extended to the shelf area through headward erosion.’
      • ‘Apparently, V-shaped and planar-floored canyons, previously ascribed to downslope erosion vs. slope failure/headward erosion, respectively, can coexist.’
      • ‘The Alpine lakes of northern Italy, also, are now thought to occupy sites of headward erosion during Messinian time.’
      • ‘To the east, the Great Escarpment marks the limit of headwards erosion of these tablelands from the coastal plain.’


(also headwards)
  • Towards the head.

    ‘Presumably, saying a nerve moves headwards or toewards is not sophisticated enough for doctors.’
    • ‘For a very brief instant, looking headwards as he was, he could not identify the person by sex, for he saw a turban and under it a face which though not that of an East Indian was colored almost olive.’