Meaning of healer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhiːlə/

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  • 1A person who seeks to cure diseases or heal injuries by means other than conventional medical treatment.

    ‘a spiritual healer and medium’
    • ‘his parents consulted a traditional healer for help’
    • ‘His reputation as a healer began to attract a number of students.’
    • ‘Tribesmen were known as healers of wounds and snake bites.’
    • ‘He practices as a natural healer, a medium, and a clairvoyant.’
    • ‘The image of a mother carrying a child on her hip, for example, might have been prescribed by a ritual healer to be placed in the home of a person with fertility problems.’
    • ‘Research has provisionally found the plants, prescribed by traditional healers to their patients, to be effective and non-toxic.’
    • ‘Julie took her son to Poland to be treated by a healer.’
    • ‘He regained his memory after being kindly treated by an old healer.’
    • ‘You can't always tell whether it is just the psychological lift from the experience, or whether the problem spontaneously healed, or if they actually were cured by the faith healer.’
    • ‘He is a rather respected spiritual healer.’
    • ‘She has been meeting with spiritual healers and alternative medicine specialists.’
    1. 1.1A person or thing that mends or repairs something.
      ‘aloe vera is a superb healer of the alimentary canal’
      • ‘The gel is known to be a remarkably effective healer of wounds and burns.’
      • ‘Steve is a healer of damaged laptops.’
      • ‘It is used as an anti-inflammatory tonic and healer of bones and tissues.’
      • ‘His impeccable reputation — as a builder of social bridges and healer of divides — turned out to be his biggest source of political capital.’
      • ‘Aloe has the double action of acting as an anti-fungal agent, as well as a potent healer of the leaky gut wall.’
      • ‘Papaya is a great healer of upset stomachs.’
      • ‘It is not only a powerful antioxidant, but it's also known as a skin healer.’
      • ‘Calendula flower preparations work as powerful skin healers.’
      • ‘Humour has been a great healer and bridge between wounded and distant hearts.’
      • ‘" feel that music is a great healer that unites people.’
    2. 1.2Something that alleviates distress or anguish.
      ‘time is the best healer’
      • ‘sport is a great healer that allows some kind of distraction’
      • ‘It would be better said that time well spent is a healer of all wounds.’
      • ‘This movie could be a healer in that region, bringing the two sides together.’
      • ‘Ten years later, he says time has been a healer for himself, his wife, and two children.’
      • ‘Dance is still a form of worship and now has the added feature of also being a healer.’
      • ‘Elders say: "Silence is dangerous when we pretend the problem is not there; communication is a healer to break the silence."’
      • ‘Forgetting ex-partners is difficult — distance and time are the best healers for that.’
      • ‘A couple of scotches and you will sleep like a log, and sleep is one of the best healers.’
      • ‘Sleep's a great healer they say; I just think it's really great.’
      • ‘A dog is a great healer in every way.’
      • ‘Love is a healer and death a journey.’