Meaning of health camp in English:

health camp


mainly New Zealand
  • An institution providing short-stay accommodation for children with health issues.

    ‘puny children found themselves sent to health camps to gain weight and to sunbathe on tarpaulins’
    • ‘The three little girls went to the Glenelg Health Camp in Christchurch.’
    • ‘They bake individual birthday cakes for every child at the Pakuranga Health Camp.’
    • ‘Most of the cases treated at the health camps were related to poor nutrition.’
    • ‘She was concerned about some interventionist medical procedures that were conducted on some of the children in that health camp during the years 1983 to 1985.’
    • ‘She claims she conducted "extensive searching of the available records" in relation to complaints about medical examinations at the health camp.’
    • ‘Imagine for one moment that your children had gone off to a health camp with minor health problems and never come home to the family again.’
    • ‘What is the real reason why the Labour Government will not order an inquiry into the health camp and the behaviour of a doctor there?’
    • ‘She had not actually checked the entire Health Camp file.’
    • ‘I failed on the exercise routine but I was well looked after at health camp.’
    • ‘They commissioned a judge to review some health camp cases with "disturbing features".’