Meaning of health-conscious in English:



  • Concerned about how healthy one's diet and lifestyle are.

    ‘consumers have become more health-conscious’
    • ‘Juicing is fast becoming a way of life for the health-conscious at heart.’
    • ‘A good tasting soy cream cheese would be more than welcome on the bagels of health-conscious eaters.’
    • ‘The early-twentieth-century cult of the wilderness further boosted the popularity of night air among the health-conscious.’
    • ‘Advertisers are reaching out to health-conscious consumers who turn to the Web on a need-to-know basis.’
    • ‘Health-conscious people were replacing the fried foods in their diet with cereals.’
    • ‘Juice has long been considered one of the top liquid refreshments of choice for health-conscious people.’
    • ‘Typically, a health-conscious selling position has not been a particularly strong one.’
    • ‘The bulk of his customers are health-conscious professionals.’
    • ‘Many health-conscious athletes restrict their salt intake on a daily basis, believing this will help prevent blood pressure problems.’
    • ‘During the 1990s, when health and nutrition became somewhat of a national obsession, many health-conscious individuals started seeking out organics.’
    • ‘I enjoy eating, but I've always tried to be health-conscious.’
    • ‘The dishes are mostly light, with an emphasis on seafood, so the book is a real find for health-conscious food enthusiasts.’
    • ‘Even as Americans become more health-conscious, they refuse to compromise on taste.’
    • ‘If you're health-conscious and care about your body, don't peel your apples.’
    • ‘Although I'm a health-conscious person, I have a hard time staying on track after Thanksgiving.’
    • ‘All the performers were almost fanatically health-conscious.’
    • ‘I lived in the Burlington area for three years and found it to be an extremely health-conscious community.’