Meaning of health scare in English:

health scare


  • A situation characterized by alarm or anxiety about the risk of developing or being diagnosed with a particular illness or condition.

    ‘he caused an international health scare by travelling with a dangerous form of tuberculosis’
    • ‘she's back in good spirits again after a recent health scare’
    • ‘The media are usually blamed for fuelling health scares.’
    • ‘Every week we turn on the turn on the TV and there is a health scare related to meat.’
    • ‘Over the last few weeks I've read a lot of commentary about the recent mobile phone health scares.’
    • ‘The latest miracle cure or bogus health scare usually has its roots in cyberspace.’
    • ‘Thanks to a recent health scare, I learned to listen to my body.’
    • ‘The internet has brought a new dimension to the spread of worries and health scares.’
    • ‘Heart disease runs in his family so his health scare made him sit up and take notice.’
    • ‘As they encounter the loss of loved ones, great successes or dismal failures in work and marriage, and possibly serious health scares, they begin to reflect on what matters most in life.’
    • ‘As is the case in most health scares, the very act of paying attention creates a potent symbolic space, and leaves very little room for a sense of proportion.’
    • ‘She had some sort of health scare last year that really rattled her and set her back financially.’