Meaning of hear from in English:

hear from

phrasal verb

  • hear from someoneBe contacted by someone.

    ‘if you would like to join the committee, we would love to hear from you’
    • ‘After a day without hearing from him, she contacted the police and began a search.’
    • ‘I've not spoken to her on the phone nor heard from her via letter for three years.’
    • ‘Not hearing from him, I contacted another friend in the UK, who had been in touch with his sister.’
    • ‘So, what I'm trying to say is, I love hearing from you guys, even if I don't always show it.’
    • ‘We always love hearing from you, even if you have tattoos and pierced places on you.’
    • ‘If you have a story or information you would like to be included we would love to hear from you.’
    • ‘If so the organisers of this year's Medieval Festival would love to hear from you.’
    • ‘He would love to hear from anyone who has examples of animal folklore or legend in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘If you have a story to tell or a regret to resolve they would love to hear from you.’
    • ‘He would love to hear from anyone who can shed some light on the great cowboy mystery.’
    • ‘The group is particularly keen to hear from people living close to mobile telephone masts.’
    • ‘Take time to read some of the stories on the site and if you think you have what it takes, we'd love to hear from you.’
    • ‘If you or one of your readers is interested in doing this we would love to hear from them.’
    • ‘This contact is sometimes the first time they have heard from their families for decades.’
    • ‘I still have not heard from you following my last letter, and do not expect to for some months.’
    • ‘Though disqualified as a member of the council, he will address his former colleagues ‘in committee’ before the start of the monthly meeting and is likely to ask for a delay in filling his seat until he hears from the Department of Justice.’
    • ‘Childline Scotland, the national helpline for children in trouble or danger, hears from a small, but significant, number of young people who are commercially sexually exploited every year.’
    • ‘The programme hears from a woman who avoided leaving her house for 10 years, and if she had to, scrubbed herself so violently afterwards that she literally got down to the last of her seven layers of skin.’
    • ‘In truth, I'm probably just a mild hypochondriac who should get out more, but if no one hears from me for more than three days, please call the following number…’
    • ‘My dad heard from his two brothers that he never hears from, one in Romania who is now coming home to make funeral arrangements.’