Meaning of heart-rending in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːtˌrɛndɪŋ/

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  • Causing great sadness or distress.

    ‘a heart-rending story’
    • ‘At the moment of judgement, some displayed surprise, some anger, others a heart-rending sadness.’
    • ‘Their stories are heart-rending and I am glad we are able to offer them the chance of safety and a better life.’
    • ‘The storyline of the opera focuses on the heart-rending love story between the poet Rodolfo and the seamstress Mimi, a fragile but resolute girl.’
    • ‘Almost two years after Mary's untimely death, Kathleen is on a mission to make people aware of SADS with her heart-rending story.’
    • ‘Dylan's heart-rending story prompted seven times the normal number of inquiries to Adoption Matters from people desperate to adopt him.’
    • ‘There too I had heard heart-rending stories of the way maids were exploited and ill-treated by their employers.’
    • ‘The Prince listened as his former shipmate recounted a heart-rending story of his wife's illness and his own plunge into depression.’
    • ‘From Virginia now, a heart-rending story of early birth and early death here.’
    • ‘And in the most heart-rending story, we were shown that in certain cases the whole regime is simply too much for some young people.’
    • ‘This sounds like the set up of a heart-rending coming-of-old-age story.’
    • ‘Everybody has bitter experiences, horrific memories, and heart-rending stories of the past.’
    • ‘Jacobs' heart-rending story never fails to move audiences to tears.’
    • ‘Yes, there have been Brits caught up in the horror, with heart-rending stories of drowned families and friends.’
    • ‘Their story, combining heart-rending drama and gutsy determination, was a natural for the big screen.’
    • ‘Her heart-rending story touched a nation and even inspired its Prime Minister.’
    • ‘There is nothing about the story that is not heart-rending, sickening or sordid.’
    • ‘The heart-rending scenes that he witnessed turned him into a social worker and a spiritual thinker.’
    • ‘This makes the events that follow all the more poignant, and later heart-rending.’
    • ‘The girl uttered a cry, long, tremulous, heart-rending, piteous.’
    • ‘His final years in hospital were tragicomic and heart-rending.’
    distressing, upsetting, disturbing, heartbreaking, sad, tragic, painful, saddening, traumatic, agonizing, desolate, harrowing, excruciating
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