Meaning of heart-throb in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːtθrɒb/

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  • A male celebrity who is known for his good looks.

    • ‘he's the latest Hollywood heart-throb’
    • ‘the heart-throb singer has admitted he would strip naked for an acting role if required’
    • ‘In his imagination, he is a Hollywood film star and romantic heart-throb, in reality he's a pathetic third rate cabaret act.’
    • ‘‘And now at seventeen, I'm a heart-throb, sex symbol, and plastered all over every girl's wall,’ Osamu said with disgust.’
    • ‘The 20-year-old actress is thrilled to be starring alongside the English heart-throb, whose rough and ready look is perfect for the country squire..’
    • ‘To the women on Teesside he was a heart-throb, a pin-up, while the men of Middlesbrough admired him from the outset for his passion, the hunger with which he played, even his recklessness.’
    • ‘He was the original Hollywood heart-throb, a star with good looks and a long list of lovers.’
    • ‘The former Wimbledon champion, heart-throb, wannabe rock star and the man who made the first ascent through the crowd on Centre Court, is the most astonishing interviewee I have encountered: he is both delightful and quite terrifying.’
    • ‘The ‘Vietnam film’ corner - bullet casings, camouflage nets - sits among full size cut-outs of obscure Hungarian heart-throbs.’
    • ‘Kay's calendar was the bestseller of the festive season at entertainment chain store HMV, outselling the more established beauties and heart-throbs by a large margin.’
    • ‘A handful of dedicated fans arrived at the Trafford Centre the night before to make sure they were at the front of the queue to see their heart-throbs.’
    • ‘For a spell in the early 1970s he was one of the world's biggest heart-throbs, but then it went depressingly wrong.’
    • ‘Yet in a beautifully tailored blue suit, this is recognisably the man who was one of the big screen's leading heart-throbs.’
    • ‘So how does a loving father tell two pre-teen girls they'll be meeting a quartet of British heart-throbs?’
    • ‘Come Saturday, the public are expected to vote in their squillions for one of the two heart-throbs.’
    • ‘The heart-throb's reluctance to commit to marriage plans can't have helped matters, recently revealing he doesn't believe he has any ‘moral obligation’ to settle down and have a family.’
    • ‘Although some have worked extensively in front of the cameras, none is handsome or beautiful enough to be chosen to play the heart-throb, nor quirky enough to be the wisecracking best-friend, nor ugly enough to be the gargoyle.’
    • ‘Nobody is too concerned that a Hollywood heart-throb is playing someone who in real life was barely 5ft tall and looked haggardly middle-aged when he was barely out of his teens.’
    • ‘Most actors would be pleased enough - no, absolutely thrilled - to be cast as a heart-throb in one of the biggest trilogies in cinema history.’
    • ‘Henderson has the kind of looks - and talent - that would earn him a place as a heart-throb in a minor soap, but he's obviously not a leading man.’
    • ‘Female jaws hit the floor, and a heart-throb was born.’
    • ‘Julie's love for the snake-hipped heart-throb began when she was just six-years-old and watched all of his film with her nan.’
    idol, pin-up, popular figure, darling, star, superstar, hero, heroine
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