Meaning of heart bypass in English:

heart bypass


  • 1A surgical operation in which an alternative channel is created to improve blood flow to the heart when a coronary artery is blocked.

    ‘he had a triple heart bypass in 2003’
    • ‘Last year, out of the blue, I had to have a heart bypass.’
    • ‘I'm still recovering from the heart bypass.’
    • ‘Dad had a heart bypass over the Christmas period.’
    • ‘In 1996 he suffered a third heart attack and was told by his consultant he would need a heart bypass.’
    • ‘At the hospital, a couple of medical residents confuse this patient with another who is there for a heart bypass.’
    • ‘Four years later he suffered more attacks and needed a quadruple heart bypass that left him with kidney failure.’
    • ‘He needed a heart bypass but would have faced a lengthy wait.’
    • ‘Heart bypasses and angioplasty are the most common types of heart operations, totalling 69,000 last year.’
    • ‘Three years ago he had a quadruple heart bypass and in January this year he suffered another stroke.’
    • ‘He has also had a heart bypass, and an operation on his leg arteries for a condition that left him almost crippled.’
    1. 1.1An alternative channel created during a heart bypass operation.
      ‘the operation required removal of a piece of vein from his leg for a heart bypass’
      • ‘She is wheeled into the operating room for surgery to replace two heart valves and create a heart bypass.’
      • ‘These are the veins that surgeons take from the leg to create a heart bypass.’
      • ‘A physician opens the thorax, creates a heart bypass and cuts the connections to the lungs.’
      • ‘The first thing we have to do, before we set up the heart bypass, is to establish the return of the saturated blood from the pump oxygenator.’