Meaning of heart rate in English:

heart rate

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  • The speed at which the heart beats.

    ‘the average heart rate is 72 beats a minute’
    • ‘She gaped at her friends, trying to control her heart rate.’
    • ‘An obstacle for the developers is the need for software to distinguish between increased heart rates due to stress or physical activity.’
    • ‘There's precious little here to raise the heart rate.’
    • ‘I remember cold metal instruments checking my heart rate, taking my temperature.’
    • ‘I took a few deep breaths, which seemed to help slow my heart rate some.’
    • ‘The training has lowered his resting heart rate to 38.’
    • ‘Electronic underwear sensitive to fluctuations in the wearer's heart rate has been developed by the research facility in Germany.’
    • ‘She reviews vital signs—temperature, heart rate—which had been tapped into the computer by a nurse's aide earlier.’
    • ‘The children's heart rates were recorded over two sessions.’
    • ‘His heart rate started to become erratic, making his blood pulse through his veins with added force.’