Meaning of heart starter in English:

heart starter


informal Australian
  • An alcoholic drink taken early in the day, typically to combat a hangover.

    • ‘a few of us had a heart starter in the bar at the ground’
    • ‘There were heart starters in the Press Bar.’
    • ‘He went back to the pub for his daily 9am heart-starter.’
    • ‘A whole gang of us met up in the Blue Bell one morning at 10 am for a heart starter and we chatted and drank copious half pints.’
    • ‘He hit himself with the bottle of beer he had beside his bed for a heart-starter.’
    • ‘“A little old heart starter,” Clark said, passing the rum back to de Faye.’
    • ‘Mate, I need a heart starter.’
    • ‘"We're mixing a heart-starter.” “Thanks but it's a little early for me,”’
    • ‘Care for a heart-starter? Mum had a gin and tonic.’
    • ‘A heart-starter wouldn't go astray.’
    • ‘Chief demanded a 'heart-starter' and Francisco left off being valet and became bartender.’