Meaning of heart transplant in English:

heart transplant

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  • An operation in which a heart is transplanted.

    ‘he finally underwent a successful heart transplant in April’
    • ‘I'm a mother of four with an ailing child who is in dire need of a heart transplant.’
    • ‘The court, obviously concerned to protect her life, agreed to the heart transplant.’
    • ‘In 1974, Christian Barnard carried out the first double heart transplant.’
    • ‘The company offered to make its plane available for his father, who was in line for a heart transplant.’
    • ‘The majority of people who receive heart transplants enjoy a high quality of life.’
    • ‘The survival rate following a heart transplant is approximately 85 per cent.’
    • ‘About 150–200 heart transplants are carried out in the UK each year.’
    • ‘A heart transplant usually needs to occur within four hours of organ removal for the donor organ to remain viable.’
    • ‘Cardiomyopathy is the number-one reason for heart transplants in children.’
    • ‘Heart transplant is one of the last resorts for treating severe heart failure.’