Meaning of hearts and minds in English:

hearts and minds

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  • Used in reference to emotional and intellectual support or commitment.

    ‘a campaign to win the hearts and minds of America's college students’
    • ‘Although it is still not revelation enough to win over the hearts and minds of those jaded to reality TV or pop generally.’
    • ‘In short, it has to include also an ideological struggle for winning the hearts and minds of Muslims.’
    • ‘The first discards any pretence of attempting to win hearts and minds, and any shred of moral decency.’
    • ‘Because there is little effort made by the progressive left to try and win the hearts and minds of these idealistic young people.’
    • ‘Bombing crowds of young men applying for jobs is not an effective way to win hearts and minds.’
    • ‘America and the West clearly won the war here, and they won so many hearts and minds.’
    • ‘It is music that transcends the man and wins the audience's hearts and minds.’
    • ‘Their strategy was to win the hearts and minds of ordinary Israelis.’
    • ‘If this is how the French think they can win hearts and minds in the war of ideas, they're making a big mistake.’
    • ‘American popular culture once again wins hearts and minds where the armed forces not always can.’