Meaning of heat map in English:

heat map


  • 1A representation of data in the form of a map or diagram in which data values are represented as colours.

    ‘he created one of the earliest online heat maps of crime data’
    • ‘impulses detected by the electrodes are used to create a heat map of the brain, showing which areas are most active’
    • ‘One way to see how well a hitter covers the plate is by looking at a batting average heat map of the strike zone.’
    • ‘The app builds you a heatmap of Wi-Fi coverage.’
    • ‘The heat map updates every four to eight hours, showing the most popular destinations, points of origin, and travel routes.’
    • ‘The heatmap also lays bare the wide variation in mobile coverage levels around the UK.’
    • ‘Researchers have already used the site to track flu as it spreads through New York using a 'heatmap' of users who complain of being ill.’
  • 2An image or map representing the varying temperature or infrared radiation recorded over an area or during a period of time.

    ‘if it's hot outside, the heat map of the face could look very different from when the person is cool’
    • ‘software that transforms hundreds of individual photos into an accurate heat map of the ground’