Meaning of Heaven forfend in English:

Heaven forfend


(also God forfend)
archaic, humorous
  • Used to express dismay or horror at the thought of something happening.

    ‘Heaven forfend I should wound her susceptibilities’
    • ‘And if, Heaven forfend, these disasters do occur, any Democratic candidate could win next year.’
    • ‘You remind me of my grandmother, who almost never said anything serious (Heaven forfend) but once, when I was a student, she wrote me a letter full of wisdom, which I have kept.’
    • ‘You are at the whim of someone else's emotions as they ‘improvise’ but never drawn into it, or even invited in, unless there's a bit with a motif or, God forfend, a tune.’
    • ‘If it, God forefend, were put in the hands of the Ministry of Health like the NHS our guess is that it would soon come to pieces.’
    • ‘Some experts even think that our planet's very life support systems are jeopardized by these problems, Heaven forfend.’
    • ‘For a brief time, the film's success will encourage studios to shop around for cheaper, newer, or even, God forefend, Japanese talent.’
    • ‘The present policy of only having one signatory should be amended to include two signatories in case of the unavailability (such as, God forefend, the sudden and early demise) of the treasurer.’
    • ‘If you lose some or, God forefend, all your property somewhere in London, try to remain calm and think of the statistics about how often property is not lost all, or frequently recovered.’
    • ‘I've got the equipment ready, the oil is heated, and all I need to do is add some nouns, verbs, adjectives and (God forefend) adverbs and I should be cooking.’