Meaning of heaviness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛvɪnəs/

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mass noun
  • 1The quality of having great weight.

    ‘Olivia felt the heaviness of her backpack’
    • ‘I didn't feel the heaviness of my gown as I rose to the surface.’
    • ‘He felt the heaviness of a sword at his side.’
    • ‘Participants of the study described the physical pain of not being able to lift one foot after another up a flight of stairs due to the heaviness of shoes.’
    • ‘Some divers, especially drysuit-wearers, want the heaviness of steel.’
    • ‘A profusion of beads was worn, the heaviness of the glass probably impressing upon the wearer the weight of symbolism contained in the beads.’
    1. 1.1A feeling of being weighed down, especially by weariness.
      ‘a persistent feeling of lethargy and heaviness’
      • ‘a sudden heaviness overpowers me’
      • ‘Try to walk a mile or climb a few flights of stairs without becoming winded or feeling heaviness or fatigue in your legs’
      • ‘Having broken the chains that were being prepared for them, they feel the heaviness of fatigue.’
      • ‘Excessive damp causes heaviness and tiredness of the body.’
      • ‘Even though we may experience problems such as heaviness, tiredness, or other forms of mental or physical discomfort when we first begin to meditate, we should nevertheless patiently persevere and try to become familiar with our practice.’
      • ‘I feel as though I've walked miles and miles to get here, feeling the heaviness of each step along the way.’
  • 2Great density or thickness.

    ‘the heaviness of the paint’
    • ‘The heaviness of the polar bear's coat follows directly from those properties and laws that make it warm.’
    • ‘In practical symbolism the fixed element of water is used to represent long-accumulated sediment, water trapped by the coldness of ice or the heaviness of mud.’
    • ‘She kept up her bombardment of questions except when she interrupted herself to introduce me to somebody or pass comment on a hairstyle, or the heaviness of someone's makeup.’
    • ‘As she has aged, I think she's become a lot prettier: less heaviness of make-up and her lighter hair make her look a lot younger!’
    • ‘She evened out the heaviness of the dress's fabric with natural make-up that played up her radiant skin.’
    1. 2.1Lack of delicacy or grace; coarseness.
      ‘a certain heaviness of style’
      • ‘They move with the malign heaviness of natural predators.’
      • ‘His heaviness of foot does not help his delivery.’
      • ‘Her female figures exhibit a rough finish and heaviness of form not evident in her earlier works.’
      • ‘The societies with which I have been acquainted have moved with a heaviness of gait that did nothing to prepare me for the intense daintiness of ballet.’
      • ‘Galileo's case confronts us with the heaviness and clumsiness of scientific changes due to the social habits of the scientific community.’
      • ‘He set down one foot after the other with the heaviness of a somnambulist.’
    2. 2.2The quality of food being hard to digest.
      ‘a vanilla ice cream that is unmistakably English in its heaviness and extreme creaminess’
      • ‘You don't want to feel that heaviness when you eat food.’
      • ‘I'm too full of the warmth of the central heating, the heaviness of mince pies, and the glow of yet another Christmas drink.’
      • ‘The cloying heaviness of snacking on cheese instead of ginger snaps left me feeling dull and vaguely nauseous.’
      • ‘Flavours are assertive without being pungent and the food is satisfyingly filling without the heaviness of some of the other regional cuisines.’
      • ‘Along with rice, it was served with a salad — simple strips of lettuce and a pleasantly sharp dressing that worked well to combat the heaviness of the meal — and home-fried potatoes.’
      • ‘I finished the dish with a drizzle of sherry vinegar and a touch of maple syrup, the vinegar cutting through the heaviness of the bacon and the syrup helping to tame the bitterness of the greens.’
      • ‘The black rice had some sort of berry infused in it that just brought down the heaviness of the buttery sauce.’
      • ‘I think the heaviness of the chocolate made it a bit much after such a wonderful dinner.’
  • 3A state of being greater in amount, force, or intensity than usual.

    ‘the heaviness of the rains in the valley caused flooding’
    • ‘the heaviness of their earlier defeat’
    • ‘The downpour's heaviness gentles the wind.’
    • ‘The heaviness of the punctuation gives you the sense of the pause.’
    • ‘The heaviness of the rain eventually reaches a point though where there is no point in worrying about how hard it's raining.’
    • ‘We're now able to show you the Capitol dome behind me that, just a couple of hours ago, was not visible because of the heaviness of the snow that was coming down.’
    • ‘It is frequently the heaviness of the tax that keeps the price of corn low.’
    • ‘The number of infections is directly correlated with the heaviness of use.’
    1. 3.1The quality of being oppressive or overpowering to the senses.
      ‘the heaviness of a hop aroma’
      • ‘the heaviness of the dark wood panelling’
      • ‘I felt the heaviness of the heat as we came out of the palace.’
      • ‘As I strolled home along the crooked relief of my Brooklyn sidewalk, I felt the heaviness in the air.’
      • ‘I remember the heaviness of too many blankets.’
      • ‘Those bathroom sprays just make the stench smell worse, adding a heaviness to the aroma that permeates the whole house.’
      • ‘It smells like sunscreen, and the cloying heaviness of cigar smoke.’
      • ‘A young family is hard work, but in the summertime, the weight of the season and the heaviness of the heat slow even the most determined parent.’
      • ‘You can feel the heaviness of the humid air and hear the clopping of the horses' hooves.’
    2. 3.2(in relation to rock music) the quality of having a strong bass component and a forceful rhythm.
      ‘the total heaviness of much of this record’
      • ‘He makes a fine job of translating the sheer heaviness of the band onto CD.’
      • ‘The opening song sets the perfect tone for the whole album, combining sheer heaviness and technicality with a towering chorus that utilizes the full range of her voice.’
      • ‘We wanted to find melodies and rhythms that retained the heaviness and distortion of hard rock, while leaving space for melodic sensitivity and complex time signatures.’
      • ‘This one has a killer opening track, and has even more industrial-sounding heaviness and great guitar-organ interplay to sink your teeth into.’
      • ‘At first, people just hear the heaviness and the screaming of metal music, but I find as soon as they start hearing the actual song-writing, they're like, "Oh, hey — there really is something here".’
      • ‘He is almost overpowered by the crushing heaviness of the music.’
      • ‘Martin couldn't cope with the heaviness of the music to play two sets.’
  • 4The quality of being very important or serious.

    ‘a few cartoon gags were introduced into the film to lighten its heaviness’
    • ‘We feel the heaviness of our problems begin to shrink or dissolve, until we reach a state where we are on top of our life rather than buried by it.’
    • ‘After the heaviness and bitterness of much of his 90s output, this kind of innocence is a welcome relief.’
    • ‘While I marvel at this book's heaviness and complexity, I too am a product of the disillusion climate, and I can't pipe down when I feel I'm being oppressed.’
    • ‘Their antics may have been seen by some as comic relief following the heaviness at the funeral service.’
    • ‘The lightness of the clown sequences also helps balance out the heaviness of some of the material examined in the plays.’
    • ‘Despite the heaviness of the subject, there is an undercurrent of hope in the book.’
    • ‘The heaviness of these films creates a desire in audiences for escape.’
    • ‘Despite the heaviness of the title and subject matter, the chapters are short and rapidly educational.’
    1. 4.1A mentally oppressive feeling, especially of sadness or grief.
      ‘he felt the heaviness of loss as he watched her go’
      • ‘heaviness of heart’
      • ‘When it did start, I felt a heaviness in my heart because I knew that people would be dying.’
      • ‘Darcy felt the heaviness of loss settle into his soul as he watched her go.’
      • ‘When you're depressed, you feel heaviness in the heart.’
      • ‘There was no little sorrow and heaviness on every side, with great fear and doubt in themselves what was best to do.’
      • ‘People who saw me could sense the heaviness in my spirit.’
      • ‘She said the possibility "puts great heaviness and anguish in my heart".’
      • ‘Her memories create a closeness to those she loved and as she reminisces, the heaviness in her heart is lightened.’