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(also ha)
  • A metric unit of square measure, equal to 100 ares (2.471 acres or 10,000 square metres).

    ‘If we look at the Napier airport, we see that hectares and hectares of land were created by the sea retreating.’
    • ‘Over the last five years, about 2,600 square hectares of green land have been built around the city.’
    • ‘Each person has about one hectare and each hectare can produce about 400 kilograms.’
    • ‘The department was responsible for the distribution of only 15000 hectares of farm land.’
    • ‘For that purpose, it is necessary to calculate the capital cost of irrigating an acre or hectare of land under a particular crop.’
    • ‘The property has 214 square metres of living space and lies on seven hectares of land.’
    • ‘The agency also reported that wheat and corn seeds on about 16,230 hectares of farmland had rotted.’
    • ‘Some even choose to keep a handful of specialist livestock on a few hectares of land and either sell or lease the rest to full-time farmers.’
    • ‘With 22,000 hectares of farmland at stake, clearly the issue has come to a flashpoint.’
    • ‘France had a six-bedroom farmhouse on a hectare of land with stables and a separate artist's studio.’
    • ‘Early crops are showing excellent quality with yields in most regions around one tonne a hectare higher than last year.’
    • ‘Farmers claim the moths are causing yield losses of up to one tonne a hectare.’
    • ‘The area of the temple shrank greatly, from over 6.66 hectares to the less than half a hectare occupied today.’
    • ‘But, he says, where winter wheat is being harvested, it's half to one ton a hectare down.’
    • ‘In the medium term, we only want to support those farmers who do not keep more than two livestock units per hectare.’
    • ‘They saw grasses close to six feet in height with the equivalent of five tonnes of dry matter to the hectare.’
    • ‘Rubber is currently grown on 7-8 million hectares of plantations in the humid tropics.’
    • ‘Even those with plantations smaller than 10 hectares should have their own fire plan in place.’
    • ‘One of the exemptions, called the minimal clearing rule, allows farmers to clear two hectares a year.’
    • ‘Sixty per cent of the wine is made from 400 hectares of vineyards owned by the company.’



/ˈhɛktɛː/ /ˈhɛktɑː/


Early 19th century from French, formed irregularly from Greek hekaton ‘hundred’ + are.