Meaning of hectogram in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛktə(ʊ)ɡram/


(also hectogramme)
  • A metric unit of mass equal to one hundred grams.

    ‘The essential proportion is given by three hectograms of calcite for one kilo of earth.’
    • ‘According to their weight you add the same quantity of flour and sugar: for instance if they weight three hectograms then you should add three hectograms of flour and sugar.’
    • ‘The amount of protein present is also significant: 20g per hectogram, making them a favourite basis of a vegetarian diet.’
    • ‘Thanks to our policy of strict, hard, pruning; the yield fluctuates between 30 and 40 hectogrammes per hectare.’
    • ‘What do you do when you have to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, or micrograms to hectograms?’