Meaning of hedonic in English:



  • Relating to, characterized by, or considered in terms of pleasant (or unpleasant) sensations.

    ‘Other psychologists have proposed theories to account for the changes in behavior that take place when hedonic events follow the behavior.’
    • ‘And it is the contrast between that hedonic state and the expectation of reward when the discriminative stimuli appear, that determines the relative value of those stimuli.’
    • ‘Your top character traits are those that allow you to achieve meaningful happiness, instead of mere hedonic pleasure.’
    • ‘Is there a way out of the hedonic treadmill, the Western model of craving and attachment?’
    • ‘People view hedonic versus practical goods differently in terms of time and money spent to acquire them.’



/hiːˈdɒnɪk/ /hɛːˈdɒnɪk/


Mid 17th century from Greek hēdonikos, from hēdonē ‘pleasure’.