Meaning of heedful in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhiːdf(ʊ)l/

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  • Aware of and attentive to.

    ‘he is heedful of his own intuitions’
    • ‘Commerce requires governance by politics, art, culture, and nature: to slow it down, to make it heedful, to make it pay attention to people and place.’
    • ‘On seeing his excitement after arriving in the city, many loyal fans reminded him he should be heedful of his safety when presenting the concert.’
    • ‘It can cast shadows over distinguished careers, but most importantly, its yellow light offers lessons about circumspect thinking, deliberative consultation and heedful behavior.’
    • ‘It was therefore unsurprising, when the issue reached cabinet the following month, that the majority of ministers were heedful of the evidence that opposition to the abolition of price maintenance outside parliament would be vigorous.’
    • ‘Wearily, she walked through the back door toward sunset, heedful that she might receive a sharp reprimand.’
    • ‘Creeping up the ruins of the shattered wall, he kept himself in the shadows of the tumbled blocks, heedful of the men searching in the courtyard below.’
    • ‘As Sikhs tie their turbans each day, they should be heedful that it represents a very real commitment to the founders of the Sikh faith.’
    • ‘Health professionals, particularly doctors, are acutely heedful of data in the form of tables and charts and less so of words and models.’
    • ‘As the fabric left its contact with my skin, I was acutely heedful of how everyone else's gaze was now on it.’
    • ‘Be heedful of what you store because your mind is a chamber of information.’
    attentive, careful, mindful, cautious, prudent, circumspect, alert, aware, wary, chary, observant, watchful, vigilant, hypervigilant, taking notice, paying attention, on guard, on the alert, on one's toes, on the qui vive
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