Meaning of heeltap in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhiːltap/


  • 1One of the layers of leather or other material of which a shoe heel is made.

    ‘pointy-toed blue suedes with metal heeltaps’
    • ‘Do not damage your floors with shoes having heeltaps or sharp objects protruding from the sole such as rocks, nails, etc.’
    • ‘Walk across your floor in poorly maintained shoes with heeltaps, spike heels or with any sharp object protruding from your shoe.’
    • ‘But tonight, when he stumbles off to the sullen stares of passengers eager to arrive at their own lonely climes, he'll grab his bag from the belly of the bus, and hear his heeltaps on the scarred, grooved tile.’
  • 2 dated An amount of alcohol left at the bottom of a glass after drinking.

    ‘‘Wait, I have still a heeltap. I must drink a toast’’
    • ‘Dried-up heeltaps of beer and mead in two ancient drinking horns have yielded secrets of ancient German beverages.’
    • ‘However, if a portion of the drink remains in the container as a heeltap, CO 2 dissolved therein is very likely to exhale thereby making the taste of the remaining drink flat.’