Meaning of heirship in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛːʃɪp/


See heir

‘One such effect could be the application of forced heirship or inheritance rules that generally apply in Continental European countries such as Switzerland, France and Spain, and their former colonies, including the Philippines.’
  • ‘Allotments commonly became so divided by heirship that they were virtually worthless except for leasing.’
  • ‘The case would be dealt with in this instance under Spanish law and therefore the Spanish forced heirship rules would apply, which may come as a nasty and expensive surprise to the family of the deceased.’
  • ‘If a husband is a national of a country which is subject to forced heirship rights, his wife might not be allowed to receive all of his assets on his death: some may automatically have to go to the children.’
  • ‘UK law allows assets to be freely transferred between spouses but this is not the case in other countries where forced heirship laws apply.’