Meaning of helicopter parent in English:

helicopter parent


  • A parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children.

    • ‘some college officials see all this as the behaviour of an overindulged generation, raised by helicopter parents and lacking in resilience’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, parental involvement in kids' lives has pushed its way onto campuses, where "helicopter parents" hover, trying to help their kids through college financially, emotionally and even academically.’
    • ‘Behind their back they're called helicopter parents because they hover over their children and make a lot of noise rescuing them whenever difficulty arises.’
    • ‘At the very least, helicopter parents want to know what the university is doing to help their children thrive.’
    • ‘If we are so vigilant that we hang over our children like 'helicopter parents' just ready to swoop down and rescue them from any unhappiness or remorse then we will undermine them.’
    • ‘Their "helicopter parents" and mollycoddling teachers are more likely to make them crash and burn.’
    • ‘In wealthier districts, so-called "helicopter parents" hover over every aspect of their children's lives, scouring relevant reports as they groom their offspring for success in the world of high-stakes testing and college admissions.’
    • ‘I am appalled to read about the growing problem of helicopter parents at colleges across the country.’
    • ‘Compared with their counterparts, children of helicopter parents were more satisfied with every aspect of their college experience, gained more in such areas as writing and critical thinking, and were more likely to talk with faculty and peers about substantive topics.’
    • ‘The study also contradicted the widespread belief that helicopter parents tend to be the better educated.’
    • ‘Don't be a helicopter parent.’
    • ‘It isn't only companies reaching out to helicopter parents.’
    • ‘As they swarm into the workplace, their hair perpetually mussed from the wind stirred up by helicopter parents hovering nearby, companies worry how to accommodate their outsize expectations.’
    • ‘She talks about helicopter parents, only a call away, and to the practice of turning to parents and others by phone for support with assignments.’
    • ‘Add screaming arguments, inconsistency and eerie periods of not speaking and I could probably be classed as a helicopter parent.’
    • ‘They're helicopter parents hovering over their children, scheduling almost their entire day from sunrise to sunset.’
    • ‘Funded or not, those in the education industry are battered and bruised by helicopter parents demanding adjustments to timetables, suspensions and report cards for their 'wonder child'.’
    • ‘Readers, have you seen any examples of helicopter parents making their presence felt on B-school campuses?’
    • ‘Working fairly closely with UVA's professional school population over the last 5 years, I have seen countless helicopter parents.’
    • ‘As competition heats up and people seek all sorts of help on their business school admission essays, everyone from helicopter parents turned editors to top-dollar consulting services are adding their two cents to MBA applications.’


1980s from the notion of the parent ‘hovering’ over the child or children.