Meaning of heliostat in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhiːlɪə(ʊ)stat/


  • An apparatus containing a movable mirror, used to reflect sunlight in a fixed direction.

    ‘One is the ‘power tower,’ in which thousands of heliostats, or movable mirrors, beam sunlight up to a central tower, powering steam turbines.’
    • ‘A heliostat (a rotating mirror used to track the Sun) may be used to reflect an image horizontally into a camera.’
    • ‘Illumination came from sunlight reflected by a heliostat placed outside of a window on the fourth floor.’
    • ‘Many of the offices are located on the perimeter for direct access, while offices on the interior enjoy indirect light from strategically located heliostats, mirrors, and reflective surfaces that bounce light throughout the atrium.’
    • ‘The Battery Park City Authority, which has paid more than $1 million for the heliostats, hopes the extra sunlight will encourage people to use the space.’