Meaning of heliport in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛlɪpɔːt/

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  • An airport or landing place for helicopters.

    ‘The computers and disks also reportedly contain photos of heliports, and helicopter cockpits, controls and cockpit door locking mechanisms.’
    • ‘The rotors started to spin up and they hurriedly jumped to the roof a few feet below, ducking to avoid the backwash from the spinning propellers as the copter lifted off the heliport and headed into the night skyline.’
    • ‘At press time, only charter helicopter operations had access to the Manhattan heliports.’
    • ‘Before the June 5 opening of the new facility, there were 265 authorized private helipads in the state of Florida and just two public-use heliports, only one of which was in a downtown area.’
    • ‘But what the surveillance plans had in them was some scouting or reconnaissance of heliports and helipads in New York.’
    • ‘A law-enforcement officer is required to be on board at all times, and the operator must advise the heliport in advance on expected arrival and departure times.’
    • ‘This was the hydrant for the heliport, with underground tanks, in case of helicopter crashes.’
    • ‘The airport, which lost its last major airline service last year, wants to build a heliport and facilities for twin-engine aircraft.’
    • ‘It lost its last major airline service last year and wants to build a heliport and facilities for twin-engine aircraft.’
    • ‘Federal safety officials say they have no plans to close the heliports.’
    • ‘The Palace was completed in 1992, in 450 square kilometers, encompassing a dock for visitors and their yachts, a heliport, and an artificial lake.’
    • ‘I therefore sought interviews with off-shore workers in the places where they gather in transit to and from the heliport - in hotel bars, public bars, train stations, and on trains.’
    • ‘The fluctuations didn't seem to get worse, but, when we descended into the heliport, I saw the fluctuations corresponded to power inputs.’
    • ‘You guys couldn't get to Peach's castle in the first place and you'd probably never figure out how to get to the heliport on the roof.’
    • ‘At headquarters in Freetown, palm fronds weighted down by rain blocked an Aironet connection to the heliport.’
    • ‘He also has a heliport, all the latest mod-cons, outdoor hot-tubs and stables for the 75 horses down the road.’
    • ‘From the heliport, we took a bus ride along the canyon's rim.’
    • ‘Steve isn't making it as an actor, as they were led to believe, but works as a cleaner at the studios and lives in a bus with a flat tyre on a disused heliport outside the city.’
    • ‘We fought light rain on the second day, but by nightfall we had reached the coast and found the heliport.’
    • ‘The £90m development, which will include a new heliport facility providing links to major airports, could create more than 2,000 jobs.’