Meaning of hell for leather in English:

hell for leather

Pronunciation /ˌhɛl fə ˈlɛðə/

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  • As fast as possible.

    ‘I tore hell for leather out of my garage’
    • ‘People are going to be up there going hell for leather.’
    • ‘You are left with two choices - either you let it drift, and risk losing control over the argument, or you go hell for leather and actively push it forward.’
    • ‘But we are going hell for leather to govern by ourselves.’
    • ‘I asked the lads at half-time to raise the profile of the game, to go hell for leather for the opening exchanges of the second half.’
    • ‘We know they'd go hell for leather for it… there was no question of complacency, it was just that our forwards did not click on the day, especially in the first half.’
    • ‘But we've got three short stages to do tomorrow and we'll just have to go hell for leather and make sure we overtake Marcus.’
    • ‘In case you haven't heard, this year's census will feature ‘Irish’ as an ethnic minority status for the first time - and Irish community leaders are going hell for leather to make sure it gets filled in.’
    • ‘It looks like the allies are going hell for leather to get it over with.’
    • ‘We have been working hell for leather to get it finished and it is a new, exciting learning curve for me, and I have got two great girls working for me.’
    • ‘Both managers chose to string five across the midfield, causing some congestion in that area, but it underlined their determination to go hell for leather in search of all three points.’
    • ‘Both sides went for it hell for leather on the restart.’
    • ‘Shoe shop manager Mark Haynes is a secret tough man, who likes nothing better than running hell for leather in the roughest of conditions.’
    • ‘Both sides were still going hell for leather at the end of the match and the tackles continued to go flying in fiercely even as injury time ticked away.’
    • ‘But unless you're going hell for leather at your keyboard, don't put them at the end of every sentence you type!’
    • ‘The last movement, so easily a tiresome adjunct, was played hell for leather.’
    • ‘Careering towards her are four two-year-olds, pedalling hell for leather on miniature cars.’
    • ‘The muscles really get a good work out without going all hell for leather either.’
    • ‘He was going hell for leather and the noises he was making were truly spectacular.’
    • ‘Outside rugby I'm a fairly placid guy but once I'm on the pitch I go hell for leather.’
    • ‘The wind machine goes hell for leather as the clouds in the moonlit sky float serenely.’
    as fast as possible, as quickly as possible, very fast, very quickly, very rapidly, very speedily, very swiftly, hurriedly, at full speed, at the double, at full tilt, at full pelt, headlong, hotfoot, post-haste, pell-mell, helter-skelter, at the speed of light, at breakneck speed, like an arrow from a bow
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