Meaning of hellaciously in English:



informal North American

See hellacious

‘When some people moved into the cabin next door about Thursday and turned their hellaciously loud children loose, I broke out the noise-canceling headphones and realized I should have been doing that for at least an hour every day.’
  • ‘But sterilizing a spacecraft is hellaciously difficult.’
  • ‘I think that she was making a choice, a hellaciously bad one, but a choice all the same.’
  • ‘If you could push out of the way the fact that this guy looked like any old disheveled, homeless, college professor in an unkempt beard and a semi-clean tweed coat with patches on the elbows, he was hellaciously funny and good company.’
  • ‘That's a hellaciously strained metaphor for someone to come up with in casual conversation and, frankly, it doesn't even really make any sense.’