Meaning of hellhole in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛlhəʊl/

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  • A very unpleasant place.

    ‘the floors of these little hellholes are awash with stinking chemical waste’
    • ‘After finishing my overcooked greasy pork slab, I wandered over to the smoking area to indulge in the only vice still allowed to us here in this hellhole and fired up my customary after-dinner stogie.’
    • ‘I have been extremely healthy since I got out of that hellhole.’
    • ‘We need to see why the Marines needed to be sent into that hellhole.’
    • ‘At one time, I actually never even thought I would work anywhere but at that hellhole of a chicken plant.’
    • ‘He declined and ended up spending more than five years in that hellhole.’
    • ‘Have the American people decided that hellhole of a country is a lost cause?’
    • ‘They know that I mean well, even if I end up depicting our region as some sort of hellhole.’
    • ‘‘I'm here to get you out of this hellhole,’ answered a second man, much younger than the first.’
    • ‘I turned my helmet radio back on and said ‘Chris, can we get out of this hellhole?’’
    • ‘And I'll drive away and be free of this hellhole.’
    • ‘Do you really want to spend the rest of your life in this hellhole?’
    • ‘So let's get out of this hellhole for a while so I can ask you some questions without having to damage my vocal cords.’
    • ‘Are you assuming I give you special treatment over any of the other jerks that attend this hellhole?’
    • ‘Finally, after cramming my head full of rubbish about factorizing, grammar, human hearts and colors it's time to leave this hellhole called high school.’
    • ‘During the orientation picnic, kegs of beer flowed, faculty and students drank together, and I wondered what kind of hellhole I had stumbled into.’
    • ‘It was great that she got to leave this hellhole behind.’
    • ‘‘Guess I'll spend one more night in this hellhole,’ he said, walking back down the road into the city.’
    • ‘Is it your goal in life to work in this hellhole until you leave the earth?’
    • ‘Maybe I've grown weaker since entering this hellhole.’
    • ‘He must have at some point wanted to work at a private school where the classes were small and melded to his wants, but he didn't have the credentials, and so he ended up in this hellhole.’