Meaning of hellishly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛlɪʃli/

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See hellish

as submodifier ‘a hellishly dull holiday’
  • ‘And I would bet anything that what they are counting down now is the number of days left before winter, cloud cover and hellishly difficult terrain reduce the chances of successful ground operations.’
  • ‘On the contrary, it is a hellishly brutal place where despotic cruelty, casual violence, ready sex and the relentless pursuit of blood feuds are the order of the day.’
  • ‘The political balance between the two tribes gives us a labyrinthine civil service, two governments and hellishly high taxes.’
  • ‘It's hellishly difficult and no fun in practice.’
  • ‘I do it all the time, when I want to transplant a sentence from one location to another in one of my hellishly long essays.’