Meaning of hellraising in English:


adjective & noun

See hellraiser

‘He displays a hedonism and love of the good life (as he sees it) that mirrors the promiscuous and hellraising lifestyle Liam had.’
  • ‘His own career in apparently terminal decline due to a reputation as a prima donna and serial problems with narcotics addiction, the hellraising actor has apparently not spoken to his sister in years.’
  • ‘While the hellraising days of alcohol-fuelled larrikinism and broken marriages might be behind him, at 70 he's on the road more often than not.’
  • ‘He was not afraid to mix it up, running from hellraising R&B to slow, down-and-dirty Chicago blues.’
  • ‘The rocker, famed for his hellraising and womanising ways, says he has had enough of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle and can't wait to finish his current tour so he can tend to his fish.’