Meaning of hellscape in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛlskeɪp/


  • An extremely unpleasant place or scene.

    ‘a war-torn hellscape’
    • ‘the city's post-war high-rise hellscape’
    • ‘Throughout my ordeal, he has been by my side, catering to my every need as best he can in this snow-swept hellscape.’
    • ‘From its "edgy" yellow exterior paint job inward, today's City Centre is, like all malls, a soulless hellscape of relentless knicknackery.’
    • ‘Churchill Square is a blasted hellscape of poorly-laid brown brick, quietly gathering filth.’
    • ‘The cop cars of tomorrow will shoot drones, transform from four-wheelers into quadrocopters and fly high above the dystopian hellscape formerly known as the LA Basin.’
    • ‘The video takes place in a desolate apocalyptic hellscape where carnivorous zombie toddlers rule all that they see.’
    • ‘The story takes place in a future Detroit, where police corruption, industrial decline, corporate greed, and consumerist oblivion have combined to create a chillingly familiar hellscape.’
    • ‘I suppose it's understandable for an east-coaster to view things that way, coming from a world of no public wilderness areas, just an unending concrete hellscape.’
    • ‘Philedelphia cops in the 1960s first used Black Friday to describe the hellscape of snarled traffic and Christmas-shopping stampedes the day after Thanksgiving.’
    • ‘The oceans will boil away and the atmosphere will dry out and temperatures will soar past 700 degrees Fahrenheit, all of which will transform our planet into a Venusian hellscape choked with thick clouds of sulfur and carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘The British director set the standard for dystopian cinema with Blade Runner, which realized Philip K. Dick's vision of an acid-rain-soaked Los Angeles hellscape circa 2019.’


Early 20th century blend of hell and landscape.