Meaning of helmet hair in English:

helmet hair


mass noun informal
  • 1A messy or flattened appearance of the hair, produced as a result of wearing and then removing a helmet.

    • ‘helmet hair can be a source of anguish, which means that too many cyclists ride without protection’
    • ‘The Manchester star was however prepared, with a change of attire in case he got a touch of helmet hair.’
    • ‘Was secretly hoping she would at least show up with major case of helmet hair.’
    • ‘She didn't match the stereotype of a gnarly biker chick with skull tattoos and helmet hair.’
    • ‘In the photo he smiles widely at the camera, wearing a mustard yellow woolly jumper and helmet hair.’
    • ‘We live in some pretty incredible times, and we're finally starting to solve some of mankind's most troubling problems, like helmet hair.’
    • ‘Velcro, venting, waist and back shock cords tailor it to your body, while a massive hood keeps your helmet hair in check.’
    • ‘She caused controversy when she claimed the law was "sexist" because the headwear created helmet hair, which discouraged women from riding.’
    • ‘Needless to say, I felt a bit out of place with my helmet hair and sweatpants.’
    • ‘Looking like a biker: so you're riding to a social event and you're worried about rocking a leather jacket, heavy boots and helmet hair.’
  • 2Bouffant or bobbed hair that has been made stiff by the use of hairspray or setting lotion.

    • ‘she was prim in her pussy-bow shirts and helmet hair’
    • ‘We've met her before: her helmet hair was glimpsed in the pages of the New York Times Magazine in illustrational send-ups of Parisian haute couture.’
    • ‘Few of us are capable of the gorgeous helmet hair that tops so many television reporters.’
    • ‘She paid her dues by arranging seating charts and laying thick dollops of obsequiousness on cranky old moguls and their helmet hair spouses.’
    • ‘Images that indelibly print themselves on the memory include her portrait of the sisters Collins in full 1980s get-up of helmet hair, scarlet talons, animal-skin print, and shades.’
    • ‘Now Carol has a stiff blond head of helmet hair, an important office and a politician's survival skills.’
    • ‘Well, you're about to have an acid flashback, because helmet hair is a thing for Spring 2014.’
    • ‘The traditional Tory blue outfit is immaculate and the famous 'helmet hair' - now platinum white - is perfectly coiffed.’
    • ‘The formerly buttoned-down men have sprouted facial hair and embraced fringed jackets, and the women have traded voluminous coats and helmet hair for miniskirts and flowing tresses.’
    • ‘Her trademark - helmet hair, cut-glass accent and bullying style - became a staple of British satire.’
    • ‘The days of prom helmet hair and structured up-dos are dying fast.’