Meaning of helminthic in English:


Pronunciation /hɛlˈmɪnθɪk/


See helminth

‘Experiments conducted by Dr. David Elliott, et al at the University of Iowa using mice with experimental inflammatory bowel disease showed that helminthic worms protected the animals from this disease.’
  • ‘The Ethiopians recommend that ‘deworming is a low-cost and feasible treatment in the setting of developing countries, where helminthic infections are widespread, and TB and HIV are rampant’.’
  • ‘Large household size has been reported to increase the risk of helminthic infection, possibly due to increased contamination of the local environment, thereby increasing the chance of infection in the members of the household.’
  • ‘Almost all of the fatal cases of helminthic infection in the United States are caused by an autoinfecting nematode.’
  • ‘Chronic inflammation, a common feature of helminthic infections, has been proposed to play a key role in carcinogenesis induced by parasites.’