Meaning of help key in English:

help key


  • A button on a mobile phone, computer keyboard, or other electronic device that, when pressed, gives assistance to the user in the form of displayed instructions.

    ‘I pressed the help key in my menu’
    • ‘There were some new additions as well; an international character set was added, four function keys and a help key appeared on the keyboard, and a connector to a complete expansion bus was added to the back of the case.’
    • ‘The help key is at the top.’
    • ‘Press the help key in the cluster of keys between the keyboard and the numeric keypad.’
    • ‘I have pressed the help key in my menu and I can't get it off my homescreen page.’
    • ‘Things that were easy to find are now buried, and you have to go looking for them using the help key.’
    • ‘Portable computers usually have 12 non-dedicated function keys, not 15, and don't have Help keys or Forward Delete keys.’
    • ‘This can be activated from any form by using the Help key (VT220 s).’
    • ‘Pressing the Help key may invoke the application's help in Help Viewer.’
    • ‘The F1 key is the universal Help key for programs.’
    • ‘Pressing the Help key when you're in the menu system simply quits out of it.’