Meaning of hemiplegic in English:


Pronunciation /hɛmɪˈpliːdʒɪk/

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noun & adjective


See hemiplegia

‘Because the incidence of cerebral infarction is high in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, diagnostic testing for coagulation disorders should be considered.’
  • ‘The organisation specialises in limbs for cerebral palsy-affected children and also for paraplegic and hemiplegic patients.’
  • ‘This presentation, with paranoid delusions, hallucinations and anxiety, has been described in families with hemiplegic migraine.’
  • ‘In addition the pressure of the tumor probably affected the nerves of his left eye, and the stagnation of qi and blood in his brain caused his hemiplegic symptoms.’
  • ‘After an accident some years later she was left hemiplegic on her right side.’