Meaning of hemipteran in English:


Pronunciation /hɪˈmɪpt(ə)r(ə)n/


  • An insect of the order Hemiptera or bugs, such as an aphid, cicada, or leafhopper.

    ‘Predaceous arthropods were tallied and assigned to general taxonomic groups: spiders, hymenopterans, hemipterans, and coccinellids.’
    • ‘Worldwide, stilt bugs are a relatively small group of unusual hemipterans, or true bugs, in the family Berytidae.’
    • ‘In June, there was a significant increase in consumption of hemipterans.’
    • ‘Based exclusively on esophageal contents, hemipterans, including both corixids and notonectids, were not frequently ingested by female Buffleheads breeding on the Chilcotin Plateau.’
    • ‘Other wasps parasitize the eggs or larvae of other insects, such as the wasp below, which is shown emerging from the egg of a hemipteran that was parasitized.’


  • Relating to or denoting hemipterans.

    ‘They suggest that Roridula absorbs nitrogen from the liquid hemipteran faeces directly through the cuticle.’
    • ‘Recently, it was suggested that the hemipteran - plant interaction constituted a new pathway for plant carnivory.’
    • ‘This was not, however, the same as the hemipteran rostrum.’
    • ‘Members of the family Scelionidae are egg parasitoids of several economically-important hemipteran pests.’
    • ‘The primary reason for this is that a carnivorous hemipteran lives obligately in very close association with Roridula.’