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Pronunciation /hɛmp/

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    (also Indian hemp)
    mass noun The cannabis plant, especially when grown for fibre.

    ‘It's part of a long-running battle to get the Government to relax the restrictions on growing hemp for food and fibre.’
    • ‘They'd already experimented with less common cereal crops and discovered that hemp, once traditionally grown in the area, thrived in the warm, wet climate of the southwest.’
    • ‘The only unfortunate thing is that hemp has to be grown to see its cannabinoid component, and it then needs to be tested to see whether it exceeds 0.3 percent.’
    • ‘Cannabis growers might be encouraged to grow hemp in the economically depressed Northland areas.’
    • ‘In fact, Jefferson was known to prefer growing hemp to tobacco.’
    • ‘From 1776 until its ban in 1937, hemp was a major American crop; Presidents Washington and Jefferson grew hemp and praised its merits.’
    • ‘One of the only farmers in the area to grow hemp, Sharon Shepherdson, watched on as the crop, some 10 ft high, was cut under lowering skies at Grindale, near Bridlington.’
    • ‘Swedish scientists are now testing his idea to grow hemp on polluted land and process the harvested crop for auto insulation, rope or as an energy source.’
    • ‘Although it remains illegal for almost all farmers to grow hemp in the United States, the crop has a long history of providing textiles, paper and oil.’
    • ‘Their medicinal hemp, grown in the cloudy regions of northern Europe, did not contain a reliable concentration of the sunlight-induced metabolites which produce significant changes in consciousness.’
    • ‘We could fuel the planet, clean the air, but first we need to crush all fossil fueled vehicles and build more bicycles so we can ride to the hemp farms for work.’
    • ‘Gary Jeffery, firefighter from Colchester, said: ‘It is such a hot day that once the hemp had caught alight the whole barn went up very quickly.’’
    • ‘The company interested in establishing a hemp processing mill in the district has sent bags of the crop to all federal parliamentarians in a bid to shock them into action.’
    • ‘Humulus lupus is a member of the hemp family, which has grown wild since ancient times in Europe, Asia, and North America.’
    • ‘Traditionally the hemp was then dipped in a stream, but now it is left on the ground to allow bacteria to start the process of separating the centre of the stem or hurd from the rest of the fibres.’
    • ‘In a wonderfully economic circle, the hemp is used to mop up pig waste, then the crop is harvested and fed to the pigs.’
    • ‘Normally I start by introducing up to 6 pans of the hemp-based feed with a large bait dropper that is painted black to stop any flash scaring the fish.’
    • ‘Cosmetics and such can still be sold, provided that none of the hemp products in them can be absorbed by the body.’
    • ‘Mr Hall said the company also had recently had success in trials to have the hemp pressed to make oil.’
    • ‘In the last few years, the hemp foods industry has exploded in size from less than $1 million a year to over $7 million in retail sales.’
    1. 1.1The fibre of the cannabis plant, extracted from the stem and used to make rope, strong fabrics, fibreboard, and paper.
      ‘As a fabric, hemp is sturdy, strong and comfortable.’
      • ‘It was damnably uncomfortable, having a lump on one's head the size of a fist and tied with strong hemp rope.’
      • ‘Trombly points out that the strong fiber produced by hemp and kenaf blends well with the weaker post-consumer recycled paper.’
      • ‘Most of the earliest papers survive very well because they were made from intrinsically pure materials: rags derived from linen and cotton, old hemp ropes, and sailcloth.’
      • ‘While some of it is recycled and a tiny amount is made of easily renewable sources like hemp, most paper products are made from wood pulp - trees that have been logged from private tree farms and public lands.’
      • ‘I try to picture the Victorians who scaled this monolith with hemp ropes back when the motto was ‘The leader never falls.’’
      • ‘Then I noticed it on a hemp necklace he was wearing.’
      • ‘Their captors also hadn't been decent enough to untie their hands, although the hemp would eventually loosen.’
      • ‘Joe closed his eyes as Ben wrapped the hemp binding over the protective padding on his right wrist, allowing the end to hang free.’
      • ‘He talked to us about silly things, like the hemp necklace I was wearing.’
      • ‘She also wore, as she did every day, her engagement ring, a heart shaped diamond on a silver band, the silver cross worn first by Jared then Matt, and a hemp bracelet Matt had loved.’
      • ‘You really do feel as if you're at the center of the universe when you're at the Woodley, waiting for the President to speak, noting Woody Harrelson in a hemp shirt across the room.’
      • ‘He was carrying a hemp messenger bag plastered with patches, and his combat boots were splattered with canary yellow paint.’
      • ‘I gelled my hair so it would keep its messily spiked style and grabbed a beaded hemp necklace that one of my friends had made for me off the bathroom counter.’
      • ‘His white hat was seated on his head backwards, the chain that he always wore accompanied by a hemp necklace.’
      • ‘After the length of the main line has been completed it is then that the hemp is tied together, using the sheet-bend, to form the mesh.’
      • ‘I sheepishly meet his eyes for a moment and then focus on the hemp string around his neck.’
      • ‘As he neared the end he heard a frightful clatter in the cabinet with each tug on the hemp line.’
      • ‘First, keep the water where it belongs with an organically grown hemp shower curtain.’
      • ‘From at least 500 BC to the mid-nineteenth century virtually all ships' sails were made from hemp.’
    2. 1.2Used in names of other plants that yield fibre, e.g. Manila hemp.
      • ‘A number of herbs including oleander, adonis, black Indian hemp, black hellebore, lily-of-the-valley, squill, and strophanthus contain an active cardiac glycoside that can potentiate digoxin.’
    3. 1.3The drug cannabis.
      ‘According to rules laid down by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, opium, heroin, morphine, hemp, cocaine and other addictive narcotics are banned.’
      • ‘Subsequently, the Commission's conclusion was that the physical, moral and mental effects of hemp drugs, if used in moderation, were not adverse.’
      • ‘Habit-forming and hard-to-kick addictions such as overindulgence in alcohol, heroin, hemp, Ecstasy, and an almost limitless palette of hard drugs should be avoided like the plague.’
      • ‘With hashish, marijuana, and other illegal hemp preparations, this is not the case.’
      • ‘In the centuries that followed, hemp was identified in most herbal and medicinal books.’
      • ‘Take a stoner to a hemp shop and he'll choose you the phattest bong; drop him in a Sports Authority and he'll come out doubly dazed and confused.’
      • ‘The shop sells everything from clothing and magazines to pipes to rolling papers and hemp seeds.’


Old English henep, hænep, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hennep and German Hanf, also to Greek kannabis.