Meaning of Hendra virus in English:

Hendra virus

Pronunciation /ˈhɛndrə ˈvʌɪrəs/


mass noun
  • A virus carried by fruit bats which is potentially fatal to animals and humans.

    ‘the Hendra virus killed an Australian a decade ago’
    • ‘A greater proportion of Queensland respondents felt the information was useful to them in reducing Hendra virus infection.’
    • ‘A worrying number of Australian horse owners who responded to an online survey indicated little or no knowledge of the deadly Hendra virus.’
    • ‘An antibody manufactured at The University of Queensland will be used in world-first human Hendra virus clinical trials starting this month.’
    • ‘Some bats are also known to carry the Hendra virus.’
    • ‘Authorities detected the first case of Hendra virus antibodies in a dog within a natural environment that same year.’
    • ‘A Hendra virus vaccine is available for horses.’
    • ‘The research group developed a vaccine based on a Hendra virus surface protein.’
    • ‘The work reports on a deadly virus, Hendra virus.’
    • ‘Australian officials uncovered two more cases of the deadly horse-borne Hendra virus.’
    • ‘They also developed the first Lyme disease vaccine for dogs and a new vaccine to combat Hendra virus.’


1990s from the name of a suburb of Brisbane, the location of the first known outbreak of the virus.