Meaning of henpeck in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhɛnpɛk/

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[with object] informal
  • (of a woman) continually criticize and give orders to (her husband or male partner)

    • ‘I don't feel it's my place to henpeck him about it’
    • ‘If you haven't seen it, it's the movie where Adam Sandler plays a novelties salesman who is henpecked by his sisters.’
    • ‘Everyone in the neighborhood knows that Mr. Macy is henpecked by his wife.’
    • ‘Others alleged that Isabelle Randall henpecked her husband, was inattentive in church, and ignored her grooming to the point that she had torn seams and grease spots on her suits.’
    • ‘More than likely their husbands were perfectly decent, long-suffering, henpecked men.’
    • ‘And the ones who have husbands henpeck them unmercifully.’
    • ‘It soon becomes clear that the reason the Baron is so henpecked is because of the high corn factor of his lines.’
    • ‘Estrogen was flowing over the airwaves, on the radio, and in print; political correctness had sunk its ugly claws into America; and men were henpecked across the nation.’
    • ‘Luciana appears near incoherent (based on Giovanni's side of the conversation) and her debonair, eloquent lover a frazzled and henpecked rube.’
    • ‘And that's probably why he allowed himself to be henpecked.’
    • ‘The old king was henpecked no doubt but his outlook was noble.’
    • ‘Israel figured his father just liked to come off as downtrodden and henpecked.’
    • ‘‘When I was in college,’ says Alok, ‘my hostel warden used to help his wife hang out the laundry and all the boys would make fun of him, calling him henpecked.’’
    • ‘If I were a man I would describe myself as henpecked.’
    • ‘The male neighbors who posed as the henpecked husband and his domineering wife asserted their own masculinity by imitating and grossly exaggerating the actions of the misbehaving couple.’
    • ‘Denis came out as a dedicated drinker, enthusiastic golfer, henpecked husband (he refers to Margaret as the Boss) who always found time to carouse with louche characters and occasional dodgy businessmen from his past.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Irving has been relegated to henpecked husband status, and exists only to put a paycheck in the bank so Cathy can buy more shoes, more dresses, more lingerie she wears while straddling her lover.’
    • ‘Sylvester McCoy plays her husband and is equally good, giving the impression of being the ultimate henpecked husband but who is really more in control than he seems.’
    • ‘His father, a henpecked husband, is petrified to raise a voice.’
    • ‘But if Abigail is not to be just a ghastly caricature, she must have a tragic dimension as she bullies her guests into submission and sends her henpecked husband's blood pressure soaring.’
    • ‘The sagas represent him very much as a henpecked husband, and the likely origin of his nickname is both murkier and less glorious than the obvious explanation of his prowess in battle.’