Meaning of her indoors in English:

her indoors


informal, humorous British
  • One's wife.

    • ‘Liz said she didn't mind how I introduced her, provided it wasn't as ‘her indoors’’
    • ‘Anyway, back from the pub and out for a quick meal with her indoors and that concludes the heady celebrations.’
    • ‘Announce that you are going on holiday or on an even longer break without him or her indoors and you may as well be signing your divorce papers.’
    • ‘It would be a brilliant way of getting away from her indoors.’
    • ‘I'm bound to want it but it's justifying it to her indoors that is the difficult bit.’
    • ‘Needing a quick drink after our shocking experience, we repaired to Garavan's and discoursed sapiently before the Merc had to get home to her indoors with the rolling pin.’
    girlfriend, girl, partner, significant other