Meaning of herbal tea in English:

herbal tea

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  • A hot drink made with or flavoured with herbs.

    ‘a range of organic herbal teas’
    • ‘She pauses for a sip of herbal tea.’
    • ‘She made them a pot of herbal tea, and cut slices of the apple cake.’
    • ‘I spent most of my time sipping steamy rich herbal tea.’
    • ‘Whereas in 2000 we were buying pitta bread and pre-packed salad in abundance, now we're more likely to be choosing organic fruit and vegetables and herbal teas.’
    • ‘"We give our clients herbal tea and chocolate to harmonize the effects of the treatments and signal the end of the journey," he said.’
    • ‘Ginseng is commercially available as bare dried roots, which can be ground up for various herbal teas.’
    • ‘I live off aromatherapy candles and herbal tea.’
    • ‘It was a strange flavour of herbal tea but she thought she could get to like it.’
    • ‘The fact that they didn't really sell much in the way of herbal teas made me take notice.’
    • ‘Honey also helps my throat so I always put a spoonful in my herbal tea instead of sugar.’