Meaning of herbicide in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəːbɪsʌɪd/

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  • A substance that is toxic to plants, used to destroy unwanted vegetation.

    ‘farmers sprayed a protected wildflower meadow with herbicide’
    • ‘The non-atrazine herbicides were at least as effective as the atrazine herbicides.’
    • ‘Growers should read and understand the labels on herbicides and other pesticides they use.’
    • ‘Apply herbicides when plants are in the rosette stage and prior to bolting.’
    • ‘If it is not possible to dig or pull plants, use herbicides labeled for target plants that will not harm algae.’
    • ‘In my opinion the application of fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides makes for better quality food.’
    • ‘In general, herbicides and fungicides are less toxic than many of the other types of pesticides.’
    • ‘Victory would be secured with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.’
    • ‘Today billions of dollars are spent in pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.’
    • ‘Atrazine is an herbicide widely used to control weeds in Midwest corn and soybean fields.’
    • ‘Many soybean herbicides utilized for broadleaf control are cell membrane disrupters.’
    • ‘Popular herbicides like atrazine and alachlor just didn't show up at the levels expected.’
    • ‘Tillage can incorporate pre-emergence herbicides reducing the need for moisture.’
    • ‘It remains one of the most effective and safest broadleaf herbicides available.’
    • ‘Spring is the most effective time to use herbicides instead of tillage to control weeds.’
    • ‘If there is anything we can do that will reduce the use of pesticides or herbicides, it will be good for agriculture.’
    • ‘Although Alberta farmers use more pesticides and herbicides than city folks, they do so over a much larger area.’
    • ‘Do not count on postemergence herbicides to control weeds that have already emerged at planting.’
    • ‘Preplant incorporated herbicides are incorporated into the soil prior to planting.’
    • ‘So the herbicides had to go - and winter annual cover crops can be killed mechanically.’
    • ‘The environment-friendly farming avoids use of artificial pesticides and herbicides.’