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here and there

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  • In various places.

    ‘clothes were scattered here and there’
    • ‘The sky is clear and blue, with a few odd clouds scattered here and there for effect.’
    • ‘All you need is a general anaesthetic and you get cut up and pumped up with silicone here and there.’
    • ‘Many individuals have put a family tree together and have come across a gap here and there.’
    • ‘I think that we're still shy of saying it and, okay, bad experiences can still be had here and there.’
    • ‘Success in the initial days was mainly as a comedian, along with a few songs here and there.’
    • ‘It has an eccentric layout, with odd corners, passageways and staircases here and there.’
    • ‘Well, I laughed here and there, and I kind of could see where it was trying to go.’
    • ‘I've also added a few widgets here and there but I'll let you find them yourselves.’
    • ‘People wiped it to remove a speck of dirt here and there before covering it back with the cloth.’
    • ‘The lake was as calm as a mirror with dozens of posts standing above the surface here and there.’
    in various places, in different places, hither and thither, at random
    from place to place, around, about, to and fro, hither and thither, back and forth, in all directions, from pillar to post
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