Meaning of hermeticism in English:



See hermetic

‘Palmer's obliquity should not be misconstrued as cold blood, his hiddenness as hermeticism.’
  • ‘This might be understood as a defeatist response to the ideology of ‘difficulty’ and ‘unreadability’, air-brushed by the oxygen of privacy and the pleasing ether of hermeticism.’
  • ‘Hair, dirt, footprints and pawprints, trapped in the layer of wax, are testaments to the artist's process - counteracting the elegance and hermeticism that might otherwise dominate.’
  • ‘Other works, like the kinetic sculptures of Conrad Shawcross and Paola Pivi, suffered from a formal hermeticism.’
  • ‘Perhaps these poems may hold the reader at bay with their airtight hermeticism, formal inventiveness, and linguistic cunning, or take on subjects like rogues and thieves, the living and the dead.’