Meaning of hernial in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhəːnɪəl/


See hernia

‘Prior to this Claudius Amyand, physician to Queen Anne, in 1736 successfully removed an acutely inflamed appendix from inside the hernial sac of a young boy.’
  • ‘The hernial sac may additionally provide a sump of gastric contents available for reflux once the lower oesophageal sphincter relaxes.’
  • ‘Laparoscopy enables hernial orifices to be observed and tension-free mesh repair to be carried out effectively.’
  • ‘It was simple: did the girl specifically state that this doctor had two hernia scars, or did she just mention ‘scars’ - among other possibilities - and did the doctor then specify that he had scars that were hernial in nature?’
  • ‘In his study of hernias, an area of prodigious research and invention during surgery's transitional period, Arnaud devotes several paragraphs to imagining the hernial sac as it penetrates the peritoneal membrane.’