Meaning of heroically in English:


Pronunciation /hɪˈrəʊɪkli/

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  • 1In an admirably brave or determined manner.

    ‘they struggled heroically against tremendous odds’
    • ‘his brothers all died heroically on the battlefield’
    • ‘We see firefighters heroically battling a blaze.’
    • ‘The bystanders heroically rescued her from under a school bus.’
    • ‘The Assembly heroically defied the government once again and rejected the two bills.’
    • ‘Some landlords attempted to reassert forced labor dues, which the peasants heroically resisted.’
    • ‘They heroically defended the freedom of their homeland.’
    • ‘The 34-year-old mother of two heroically confronted the gunman and averted an even greater massacre.’
    • ‘He became the first person in over two decades to be awarded the Victoria Cross after he heroically saved the lives of his comrades in two separate incidents.’
    • ‘Without adequate doctors, medical facilities, and transportation, the clergymen heroically struggle to save lives and ease the pain of the victims.’
    • ‘A 28-year-old employee heroically attempted to keep thugs from robbing her store.’
    • ‘The elite group of airmen heroically fought in World War II.’
  • 2On a grand or grandiose scale.

    ‘a heroically scaled industrial complex’
    • ‘heroically proportioned women and muscle-bound men’
    • ‘Comprising three three-hour plays, it is heroically ambitious and wildly uneven.’
    • ‘I drove east on the heroically built old French ski runs.’
    • ‘Elections used to be heroically corrupt.’
    • ‘If they were heroically cursed, this loss of a superstar to a nearby rival would have caused the Rangers to win a World Series.’
    • ‘It was heroically daft and had the crowd laughing happily in the sunshine.’
    • ‘As a dancer, he was heroically proportioned.’
    • ‘The heroically scaled foyer is an attempt to recreate the glamour and escapism of old cinemas.’
    • ‘This heroically scaled space has been transformed into a reading room and library.’
    • ‘He is best known these days for his heroically scaled figurative paintings.’
    • ‘The set designer has stripped the stage bare and draped it with heroically scaled posters.’